The Little
White Church
in Ebony

By: Alene Laura Carroll
In tribute to 2010 Homecoming and Capital Campaign


Come to the little white church in Ebony,
It is the pillar of the people here,
The little white church in Ebony,
The little church we love so dear.

We recall the brave people of long ago,
Who gave and gave in good times and bad,
Who established the church in Ebony,
In happy times and some sad.

The Homecoming should be,
A time for joy to meet old friends,
A time to make new ones,
With lasting memories that never end.

To sing our favorite hymns and verses,
What joyous music we shall hear,
For a happy day well spent,
All things remembered from yester year.

Come to the little white church,
The little white church in Ebony,
Where precious memories we recall,
It is still here for you and me.

Our plans are now to make it better,
With every one doing what they can,
For the present and the future,
For every child, woman, and man.

The church where the true gospel is preached,
To save us all from sin,
To keep us on the straight and narrow,
To save us, and others to win.

We can make it better,
Let us meet in one accord,
In the little white church in Ebony,
Let us come and praise the Lord.